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Servants of Tomorrow are on their knees today...

Jesus Christ's Community is called to help build the body to face the pervasion of impending darkness, to participate in building the servants of tomorrow and make an impact in the community of the world around us.

life here helps develop individual talents and spiritual gifts and helps provide the transformational foundation that builds creative and visionary servants.  Life direction and instruction include:

  • Weekend & Week Retreats
  • Community Projects
  • Full-Day Seminars

Prayer is relationship as relationship is prayer...

"I am the truth... the way... and the life....

no one can come to me unless the father draws them...

  • life in Christ Jesus
  • Prayer

"Taking servanthood instruction through Jesus Christ's Community has made a huge difference and impact for me. Not just in hearing but in seeing lives lived in His love"
—Tom C.

"I am changed!"