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"What do we need? The question is generally impeded by our want... emblished with our desire for comfort and concluded without the fullness of His love. Held fragely together by the fabric of a mental assent of theology's and glued with rites and repetive rituals... lovelessly strung and imposed. 

Critical Thinking will not get you to heaven

Prayer is relationship as relationship is prayer

Team Development through prayer

The future is now... the darkness insues

as the Lord speaks

Life together in the light of His love, Jesus Christ's Community was assembled as families came together hearing the call to follow Jesus. Our commitment to each other, centered in His love, was supported by daily prayer together. Hearing His voice with consistant confermations led us to seek His will for our lives. We were led to our present location to begin life in His Spirit and remain serving...

Is to those who do not know or live knowing the love of Jesus; both in and out of the Church.  Our lives in the light of His love is spread as a city on a hill at His direction.

To follow in these tumultious times, there must be vision.

We look to help build communities filled with love championing honesty and to articulate visionary ideas and concepts that will create a well-rounded insightful life in Jesus.

"Before you are a servant... daily prayer must be the center of your life... and then daily prayer together... if prayer is not at the center of the church... there is no church!

The life of Jesus exemplifies  prayer ... starting with forty days... to our personal  relationship of  "My sheep know my voice!"